Create User

Leverage the Create User SCIM API to help facilitate the automated creation of user identities from a third-party identity management application.

OneTrust supports provisioning and management of users from your Identity Provider using the system for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard. Ensure your Identity Provider supports SCIM standards. For more information, please refer to SCIM User & Group Provisioning.


Roles and Organization

The roles and organization parameters can be passed in the request body. It is possible to specify multiple roles but only a single organization. The roles and organization parameters can either be the role/organization name or the role/organization GUID or id. Both parameters are optional.
If either roles or organization is not provided, the newly created user will be assigned the default role and organization, as configured on the User Provisioning screen within Global Settings in the OneTrust application.


Adding Users to Groups

The newly created user can be added to multiple groups by using the Modify User Group API.

Example Request

POST https://{hostname}/api/scim/v3/Users