Update Vendor

Use this API to update the attributes of a specific vendor.


Things to Know

  • The body parameters listed below should be replaced with the fieldName of the attribute you want to update. For example, the exampleSingleSelectField parameter should be replaced with the name of a single-select attribute, such as type or organization.
        "type": {
            "id": "87b6861c-7c25-40cb-a9e7-4e4da5ed2281",
            "value": "Strategic"
        "customField1014": {
            "id": "f29312fc-99b8-4b31-9137-0912a7f1e0bc",
            "value": "Aland Islands" 
        "exchangePrimaryAddress": "123 Main Street"
  • You can obtain available vendor attributes using the Get Inventory Schema API.
  • When applicable, you can further obtain values for a specific vendor attribute using the Get Inventory Schema Details API. Details returned in the response body can then be used to populate the request body of this API.
  • Read-only vendor attributes cannot be updated using this API and will be ignored when included in the request.