Get List of Users

Use this API to retrieve a paginated list of users and user profile details.

Example Request

GET https://{hostname}/api/scim/v2/Users


Using SCIM Filters

OneTrust supports SCIM filters to identify specific users.

  • Filters can be applied on id, externalId, email, emails, givenName, familyName, and userType attributes.
  • The supported logical operators are eq (equal), co (contains), sw (starts with), gt (greater than), ge (greater than or equal to), lt (less than), le (less than or equal to)

Below are a few example requests using SCIM filters:

  • GET sw 'John'
  • GET sw 'Doe'
  • GET sw 'user'
  • GET sw 'c77'
  • GET sw '00u1'
  • GET eq 'External'
  • GET co ''