The Trust Intelligence Platform

The Trust Intelligence Platform delivers visibility across trust domain areas, action based on AI and regulatory intelligence, and automation to build trust by design as a reflex in organizations.

The following APIs are available for areas within the Trust Intelligence Platform.

Access Management

DescriptionAccess Management aims to grant authorized users the right to use a service, while preventing access to non-authorized users. Access Management involves the configurations set up in OneTrust that determine user access to the application.

The organizations and respective hierarchy that are set up in OneTrust determine user access to business objects such as assessments, inventory records, data subject requests, and more. Users can only access business objects at their organizational group and below within the organizational hierarchy.

For more information on Access Management, see the Settings & Administration Knowledge Base.
Use Cases- Manage organizations
- Retrieve the organizational hierarchy
- Manage and retrieve user groups from your account
- Retrieve users that belong to a user group
- Retrieve user login history
Available APIsAccess Management APIs


DescriptionThe Authorization API group contains the API used to generate an OAuth access token using Client Credentials in order to authorize requests.
Use Cases- Generate access token
Available APIsAuthorization APIs


DescriptionThe Documents API group contains APIs to upload and obtain the location of files uploaded in the OneTrust application.
Use Cases- Upload file
- Obtain file location
Available APIsDocuments APIs


DescriptionOneTrust Integrations bridges tasks in the OneTrust application with common actions in third-party systems to automate workflows. Integrations involves the configuration of systems, connections, and credentials that build automated processes into OneTrust.

Integrations workflows can be leveraged to update third-party marketing systems, create tickets, or facilitate Targeted Data Discovery (TDD) as part of data subject request (DSAR) fulfillment. OneTrust provides workflow integration templates for many of these common business applications.

For more information on Integration Manager, see the Integrations Knowledge Base.
Use Cases- Create new credentials
- Update existing credentials
- Import new workflows
- Export existing workflows
Available APIsIntegrations APIs


DescriptionThe Inventory API group contains APIs to retrieve, create, and remove relationships between inventories.
Use Cases- Manage inventory relationships
Available APIsInventory APIs

Object Manager

DescriptionThe OneTrust Object Manager module acts as a central repository for defining, customizing, and uniting objects in the OneTrust application. It allows organizations to leverage our platform services by supplementing our baseline functionality with additional flexibility to meet your customized business need(s).

For more information on Object Manager, see the Object Manager Knowledge Base.
Use Cases- Manage objects and object types
- Manage object relationships and object relationship types
- Manage object tasks
- Manage object attributes
Available APIsObject Manager APIs

SCIM User Provisioning

DescriptionSystem for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) is an open specification to help facilitate the automated management of user identities and groups in cloud applications using RESTful APIs.

These APIs use common methods (e.g. GET, POST) with key-value pair attributes in JSON format. The set of user attributes are unique to the user. Similarly, the set of group attributes are unique to the group.

Currently, OneTrust supports SCIM 2.0 to integrate OneTrust with Okta and Sailpoint, which both function as identity providers. OneTrust also supports SCIM clients such as Traxian. Users and groups from the identity provider can be provisioned into OneTrust, which functions as the service provider.

For more information on SCIM User Provisioning, see the Settings & Administration Knowledge Base.
Use Cases- Manage users
- Manage groups (includes roles and organizations)
- Retrieve supported resource types and schemas on a SCIM service provider
- Retrieve the service provider configuration resource
Available APIsUser Provisioning V3 APIs
User Provisioning V2 APIs