Update Group Members

Use this API to update the group membership. Depending on the members list in the request body, user(s) are added or removed from the group.

Additional Information

  • When a user is added to the group, that user is assigned to the associated Organization and Role.
  • Existing members of the SCIM group will be changeed and replaced by the new list of users.
  • Users that are added to a new SCIM group will continue to retain membership of any groups that they are already a part of. This is because users in OneTrust can be assigned multiple roles and multiple organizations.

Example Request

PUT https://{hostname}/api/scim/v2/Groups/{groupId}

PUT https://trial.onetrust.com/api/scim/v2/Groups/444fd8af-e1ee-4742-b1af-94165a8c28c6:9c41e0f1-d596-4c5e-a620-1221533581bf