Get List of Assessments by Criteria

Use this API to retrieve list of all the assessments or assessments by filter criteria like Approver Ids, Respondent Ids, Template Ids etc. The response will include details such as the assessment ID, number, stage, result, primary record, and associated organization.


Things to Know

  • All assessments regardless of their stage are returned in the response by default.

  • The assessments can be filtered by stage using the assessmentStatuses, templateTypes, assessmentArchivalState query parameter. Other than these commonly used filters, request body can be used to filter assessments by approver Ids, respondent Ids, template Ids, workflow stage name.

  • The size and page query parameters can be used to paginate the response (list of assessments). The size parameter defines the number of assessments to be returned in each page. The page parameter defines the page number. The first page and default page is page number 0. The size parameter is optional and default value is 10.

Example Request

POST https://{hostname}/api/assessment/v3/assessments/list?page=0&size=100&sort=number,desc&templateTypes=PIA,VENDOR,ITRM,INCIDENT,TPDD&assessmentArchivalState=ALL&assessmentStatuses=COMPLETED