Delete Purpose from Data Subjects

Use this API for large scale deletion of a specific purpose from all data subjects.


Things to Know

  • A data subject exclusion list is required to provide the specific data subjects from which the purpose should not be deleted. The Consent DS Exclusion import template within Global Settings in the OneTrust application can be used to create the data subject exclusion list and can be imported via Bulk Import in the application or via API.
    • Once the data subject exclusion list has been successfully imported, either an importID or jobGuid parameter value must be specified in the request body.
    • Data subject exclusion lists are valid during the next 30 days after submission.
    • To override the data subject exclusion list requirement, set the deletePurposeFromAllDataSubjects parameter value to true. By default, this parameter is set to false.
  • Related data subject transactions and receipts will be also deleted after calling this API. Transactions can be maintained if the retainTransactions parameter is set to true.