Export Template

Use this API to export the metadata of a specific template in JSON format in order to migrate the template from one environment/tenant to another environment/tenant. The response body will be returned in JSON format and will include template details such as questions, rules, skip/show logic, etc.


Things to Know

  • The JSON response body returned by this API can be pasted within the Import Template API's request body to import the metadata of the template into the environment/tenant.
  • The templateRootVersionId must be passed as the value for the templateId parameter if you are passing the templateVersion query parameter in the request.
  • The response of this API will vary based on whether the templateVersion parameter is passed.
    • If this parameter is not passed, then the template corresponding to the templateId will be exported.
    • If a specific version value is passed for this parameter, then that version of the template will be exported.
    • If latest is passed for this parameter, then the latest version of the template will be exported.