Reassign Assessment

Use this API to reassign the organization, approvers, and/or respondents of an assessment. The assessment will be updated with the new organization, approvers, and/or respondents provided in the request body.


Things to Know

  • If the assessment is in Completed stage, reassignments made using this API will be ignored.

  • The reassigned respondents and/or approvers should exist in the orgGroupId provided in the request.

  • New respondents that do not already exist in the application will be created as Invited Users unless PROJECT_RESPONDENT is specified in the respondentCreationType parameter.

  • If an update is made using this API, an event will be shown in the Assessment Activity.

  • This API can update assessments of the following types: PIA, Vendor, ITRM, Control, Exchange, and Incident.

  • The stageId parameter values returned in the Get Assessment Workflow Stages API response can be used to reassign approvers to different stages of an assessment.