Update User

Leverage the Update User SCIM API to update a specific user details.

OneTrust supports provisioning and management of users from your Identity Provider using the system for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard. Ensure your Identity Provider supports SCIM standards. For more information, please refer to SCIM User & Group Provisioning.


Additional Information

  • This API can be used to update additional user attributes such as division, employeeNumber, department, manager, and title.
  • To modify a user, refer Modify User API as the PUT operation is more resource intensive.


Emails and Name are Required

emails and name are required when using the Update User API. Any attributes not included in the PUT request will be replace with a null value. It is best to retrieve the latest user record from the Get User API, then modify that response to use in this API.

Example Request

PUT https://{hostname}/api/scim/v3/Users/{id}

PUT https://trial.onetrust.com/api/scim/v3/Users/53b1325c-081f-4f05-b41b-ba8cbdb7bae9