Add User

Use this API to create a user and associate that user with the configured Organization and Role.

Additional Information

  • The basic user attributes such as givenName, familyName, externalId, and active status can be passed in the request body of this API.
  • Additional user attributes such as division, userType, employeeNumber, department, manager, title can also be passed in the request body.
  • roles and organization parameters can be passed in the request body. It is possilbe to specify multiple roles but only a single organization. roles parameter can either be the Role Name or the Role GUID. organization parameter can be Organization Name. Both parameters are optional.
  • If either roles or organization is not provided, the newly created user will be assigned the default role and organization, as configured on the User Provisioning screen within Global Settings. User Provisioning
  • The newly created user can be added to multiple groups by using the Add, Remove or Replace Users in a Group API.

Example Request

POST https://{hostname}/api/scim/v2/Users