Delete Data Subjects

Use this API to delete data subjects. Deleting data subjects is a permanent action that should be exercised with caution.


Things to Know

  • Data subjects can be deleted using any of the following values at a time:
    • List of Identifiers
    • List of Data Subject Identifier GUIDs
    • Date range between fromCreatedDate and toCreatedDate (the timespan must be 24 hours or less).
    • Date range between fromInteractionDate and toInteractionDate (the timespan must be 24 hours or less).
  • When filtering by date range, created date and interaction date should be used separately. They should not be used at the same time.
  • Up to 999 data subject identifiers can be deleted per API call.
  • If a new data subject has to be deleted, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours after its creation to ensure that all the data has been properly stored and synchronized before removal.
  • Requests will be processed asynchronously and can be monitored in the View Activity option in the Data Subject list view within the application. If multiple calls are required, wait until each request processes before making another call.


The Enable Data Subject Deletion setting must be enabled within Global Settings in the OneTrust application in order to use this API. For more information, see Deleting Data Subject Records.


You should only attempt to delete a data subject 24 hours after it has been created to ensure that it has propagated to all data stores before the delete is processed. Please wait for at least 24 hours before initiating any data subject deletion requests to ensure that all data stores have been properly synchronized.