Create Collection Point

Use this API to create a new Collection Point. The Collection Point will be created with version 1 and Draft status.


Things to Know

  • Data element name values support up to 750 characters. Data element types containing the word Country do not support the following characters: [<>();:'Ò€œ$#}{]
  • If the EnablePrimaryIdentifier parameter is set to true, then the PrimaryIdentifierType parameter will be required in the API request body.
  • When creating a Web Form Collection Point, the HostedSDK parameter value will be set to true by default, regardless of the value entered in the request body.
  • One of the following parameters is required in the API request body: PurposeId, PurposeIds, or PurposeIdsWithVersion.
    • The PurposeId and PurposeIds parameters can be used to link an Active version of a purpose to a Collection Point.
    • The PurposeIdsWithVersion parameter can be used to link specific versions of a purpose (either in Draft or Active status) to a Collection Point.
Creating a Collection Point and Retrieving Consent
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