mParticle and the OneTrust Script

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2020

mParticle is a data integration platform which synchronizes data across platforms, channels, and systems. By integrating your OneTrust banners with mParticle, you can see consent information and apply consent preferences for users across experiences.

How it Works

OneTrust's integration with mParticle supports the Web Platform only. It's enabled as an event integration, but does not pass event data from mParticle to OneTrust.

In OneTrust, you can configure groups of cookies. These groups of cookies in the banner are mapped to purposes in mParticle. The preferences selected by site visitors on the banner are then passed to mParticle. mParticle can then take those preferences and dynamically enable or disable other integrations, power consent forwarding rules, and more.

When a site visitor navigates to your site, the OneTrust banner sets a variable, the value of which reflects the groups of cookies to which the site visitor has consented. The mParticle SDK reads the value of the variable and will set the consent state for each mapped purpose.

If the ID for a group is included in the variable value, the mapped purpose will be set to true. If the Group ID is not included in the variable value, the mapped purpose will be set to false.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on how to use mParticle. For more information about using mParticle, please consult mParticle Docs or contact mParticle support.

Integration Steps

  1. Add the OneTrust integration to your mParticle instance from the directory.

  2. Connect the integration to your Web input. Configure the integration as an Event integration.

  3. In the Connection Settings, map the Group IDs for each category of cookies in OneTrust to your mParticle consent purposes.

mParticle Connection Settings

You can find and customize the Group ID for each category of cookies on the Cookie List screen in OneTrust.

  1. In the Connection Settings, set the Consent Groups setting to string to map your OneTrust cookie Group IDs to the mParticle consent purposes.