Performance and Availability of the Cookie Consent Script

See the OneTrust Cookie Compliance Performance Whitepaper for the results of network performance and availability testing.


Loading the Cookie Banner Script and Preference Center has been designed to minimize page load times by taking advantage of asynchronous loading. The graphic below outlines the process for loading the Banner Script and Preference Center.


  1. The otSDKStub.js is called by the Cookie Compliance Script in the section of the website HTML code.

  2. The otSDKStub.js script calls the Domain.json and the BannerSDK.js script asyncronously. The website HTML continues to execute simultaneously.

  3. The BannerSDK.js script calls geolocation.jsonp, language.json, Banner HTML\CSS.json, and Prefence Center HTML\CSS.json.

  4. The BannerSDK.js script uses the information from the JSON files to inject the Banner and Preference Center.

Download Sizes

ElementDescriptionSize (KB)
otSDKStub.jsThe otSDKStub script initiates the loading of the Banner and Preference Center.3.8
Domain.jsonThe Domain JSON provides information about the consent settings.0.7*
BannerSDK.jsThe BannerSDK.js script calls the elements needed to display the Banner and Preference Center.79.9
Geolocation.jsonpProvides the location of the site visitor to determine which Geolocation Rule applies.0.25
Language.jsonProvides the language of the Banner and Preference Center to load.4.4*
Banner HTML\CSS.jsonContains the HTML and CSS elements of the Banner.2.9*
Preference Center HTML\CSS.jsonContains the HTML and CSS elements of the Preference Center.17.3*

The * indicates this size (kb) is subject to change based on your OneTrust Admin configuration.


OneTrust guarantees a high degree of availability for the Cookie Compliance solution through our SLA of 99.95% during a given calendar month. In addition to this, the Cookie Compliance solution has segregated the individual components of the Cookie Compliance module so that even in the rare case of the main application being unavailable, published Cookie Banners and Preference Centers will not be affected.