The CMP API solution was designed to help support web-based CTV platforms currently not supported by the CTV SDK. As the name entails, CMP functions will be computed on the server and the response handed back to the client. This was done in an effort to improve performance for web-based CTV platforms as some of these lower end devices have limited storage and computing power. Today, this is a headless solution and you will be responsible for creating the User Interface (UI) for the banner and preference center.

The following technical docs outline the steps needed to implement this solution in your app:

  1. Persisting Consent
  2. Get Banner UI
  3. Get Preference Center UI
  4. Get Vendor List UI
  5. Save and Log Consent
  6. Implementation Guidance


  1. Can I use this solution for mobile apps as well?
    This initial phase was primarily designed to support CTV devices. While you may use the API solution for mobile apps, some features like App Tracking Transparency configs are not supported yet. Support for mobile apps will be fully built out in future iterations/releases.